Our Story

In the time before now, bikers were shunned at motels, restauraunts, and many public places. In the midst of these times, a biker making the trip along Route 89 from Flagstaff AZ to Salt Lake City UT ran into a rain storm.

Soaking wet and not being able to see through the rain, the biker pulled into a public rest area, and was followed by a highway patrol officer, lights flashing. The biker was figuring on the worst, as times would have it then, but instead of ticketing the biker and telling him to move on, the patrolman asked if the biker was okay, and allowed him to sleep under a picnic table until the storm subsided.

The biker always remembered this act of kindness, and after he had a heart attack in 2007, he came across an ad for a rock shop, restaurant and hotel on that long stretch of Route 89 that he had grown to love all those many years before.

That place turned out to be Galaxy of Hatch, just a few miles north of the same rest area from so many years ago.

Built for bikers, by a biker who also understands the kinship and love of the road.