Good Food

There's good food here, and lots of it at a price anyone on a budget can afford
-- even a broke biker

We have hand-dipped ice cream
-- none of those "add water frozen yogurt" machines here!

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Good Rooms

A comfy place to rest after a long day's ride is exactly what you'll find here.

Cozy rooms, designed for the biker and travel enthusiast alike to bring back fond memories of the enjoyment from being out on the road.

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Great Service

Sometimes a traveler needs more than a good bed and a great meal.

We also have a cycle shop with clothing & accessories, as well as a garage to take care of those bikes as well.

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Seasonal Motorcycle Rentals

Ride the Open Roads Around
the Parks and Landmarks of Scenic Utah

Galaxy Cycle Shop

Every biker needs a good resupply stop now and again, and the Galaxy Cycle Shop aims to please.

From t-shirts, jackets, gloves and other accessories, to a shop where attention and care can be given to the bikes as well as the riders, it's the extra details that make the Galaxy special.

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Bikers, Burgers and Beds

Not Just Biker Friendly -- We're Biker Owned

In the time before now, bikers were shunned at motels, restauraunts, and many public places. In the midst of these times, a biker making the trip along Route 89 from Flagstaff AZ to Salt Lake City UT ran into a rain storm.

Soaking wet and not being able to see through the rain, the biker pulled into a public rest area, and was followed by a highway patrol officer, lights flashing. The biker was figuring on the worst, as times would have it then, but instead of ticketing the biker and telling him to move on, the patrolman asked if the biker was okay, and allowed him to sleep under a picnic table until the storm subsided.

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Location, Location, Location

Conveniently located near Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, Galaxy is the perfect place to rest between stops.

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